8 Entrepreneurship Lessons For You From Playing Clash Of Clans

What Is Clash Of Clans?

As stated on the website of Supercell, developer of the game Clash of Clans, “Clash of Clans if an epic combat strategy game where you build and defend your village, dominate the realm and battle with thousands of players across the world.” (http://www.supercell.net/games/view/clash-of-clans)

As at 9th September 2014, Clash of Clans Facebook Page has more than 5 million fans and has garnered many players across the globe playing the game.

Clash Of Clans


Clash of Clans Lesson 1: KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

When Clash of Clans (CoC) was first launched, it did not have that many functionalities and capabilities the game has now. Though the game is Clash of Clans, in the initial stage of the game, it was just a single player attacking another player for resources and trophies. Now, in clan war, the entire clan goes to war with another clan. Rather than as an individual endeavour, it is now a team effort and to win a clan war, all clan members must participate and do their best! Otherwise, defeat will be the word staring down at your clan.

So, as a new start-up, keep your product or service super simple, remembering the acronym KISS (Keep It Super Simple). Develop a working protocol, bring it out to the market and let your customers test the product. Once the product or service is accepted by the market, then check with customers what other functionalities or capabilities are needed to make the product or service better (Voice of Customers) and then try to incorporate them in the next upgrade / update of the product or service.

Clash of Clans Lesson 2: What’s In A Company Name?

When you start a clan, you need to give the clan a name. This is just like when you are starting out on your entrepreneurship journey, you need to decide a name for your business. Some considerations when determining a name for your business could be:
1. What is the message you are trying to convey in your business name?
2. Make it easy to remember and not confusing. How about translation to other languages?
3. Be creative!
4. After you have decided on a business name, do a trademark check to ensure that the name you have chosen has not been taken by someone else. Doing this simple step will certainly save you loads of headaches later. You can also check your business name availability on these websites: http://namechk.com/ or http://knowem.com/ or http://www.namecheck.com/. Check out further in this article: http://mashable.com/2010/08/17/reserve-social-media-names/

You can read me on other considerations in these articles:



Clash of Clans Lesson 3: Build A Great Team

As a start-up entrepreneur, you can’t possibly do everything yourself. So, hire a great team and Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)! Don’t be afraid to hire someone better than you but be prepared to let someone go when the person becomes a liability to the business.

In Clash of Clans, when a clan member is a leech (i.e. only request for troops but not contributing), then it’s time to give this clan member the boot. When accepting new members, don’t be afraid to accept those of higher levels as they could make a difference during clan wars. However, if this high-level clan member is not getting used to the clan culture, not contributing, etc., then it’s time to show this person the door out!

Clash of Clans Lesson 4: Choose The Right Employees

Each of us has our unique skills and expertise and as an entrepreneur, you have to place the right person on the right jobs. If someone deems that a job is beyond or below his / her abilities, then it’s really difficult to motivate and keep the person engaged in the job. When recruiting new employees to join your cause, ensure that the personal qualities and professional experience of the candidates are in line with the business’s goals and objectives. Otherwise, you will spend more time dealing with problematic employees rather than spending time to grow your business.

In Clash of Clans, when assessing the request for someone to join the clan, we can look at the requestor’s base, troop levels, Town hall level, war statistics, etc. However, we can only know the character of the new clan member after the person joined the clan. If the person is not a fit for the clan, then…..off the person goes!

Clash of Clans Lesson 5: Cash Is King

As a new start-up, there are lots of costs and expenses which need to be paid in cash while revenue might not be forthcoming. You need to keep your eyes peeled on your cash balance as without cash, the new business will definitely be doomed for failure!

In Clash of Clans, a significant majority of resources (e.g. elixir pumps, gold mines, dark elixir pumps and storages) are protected by defences like archer towers, wizard towers, cannons, mines, bombs, X-bows, infernos, etc.

Clash of Clans Lesson 6: Purchase And Deploy Resources Wisely

Think thrice before making any purchase – do you really need this for the business? Is it an absolute must? Or is it just a nice-to-have or good-to-have? There are so many things that you want to buy for the business but do make a priority list of what to buy (those MUST haves) and when you have the added cash or funds, then you can go for the other stuff.

In Clash of Clans, resources (elixir and dark elixir) are spent on building up the troops for war and thus, the troops must be properly deployed in war to ensure some degree of certainty of a victory.

Clash of Clans Lesson 7: Know Your Competition

In doing your research to start the business, you would have already known who your competitors are. Now, it’s time to validate them and do further research to understand who you are up against. As a start-up, you would probably be more nimble and flexible than the more established competitors and if these advantages are fully capitalized, it could really benefit your business.

You can set up a Google Alert to keep track of the developments of your competitors. I will explore the setting up of a Google Alert in a separate article.

In Clash of Clans, before a clan war, you have 24 hours to do the preparatory work on your war base as well as scouting the bases of your opponents to have an idea on the strengths and weaknesses of your potential targets.

Clash of Clans Lesson 8: Love Thy Customers

Your customers are the lifeline of your business – treat them well and you will be duly rewarded. Treat them badly and they will abandon you in troves! Customers are always right and when they are not, just tell them nicely and politely and seek their understanding. Most customers will appreciate and for those who can’t, then accede to their requests but perhaps, make a note to determine whether there are repeats. If there are repeats by these customers, then it will be better to drop them off the customer list!

Supercell, developer of Clash of Clans, routinely gives out gem boost for troops and resources to keep players engaged.


Well, these are some of the lessons learnt from playing Clash of Clans:
– KISS: Keep It Super Simple
– What’s In A Company Name
– Build a Great Team (Together Everyone Achieves More)
– Choosing The Right Employees
– Cash Is King
– Purchase & Deploy Your Resources Wisely
– Know Your Competition
– Love Thy Customers

Do you play Clash of Clans? Did you derive any lessons, personal and professional, from playing Clash of Clans? Care to share with us by leaving a comment below?

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