Explain Your Business, Idea, Concept, Process, Product In Video Form

You have an excellent idea but you are not sure how to present it across in words.  You have a fantastic product but customers don’t know how to operate it as the operating manual is too complicated and full of words.  You developed a new process and would like to explain to your colleagues but words just can’t do the job well!  You have a revolutionary concept, however, as it is revolutionary. you are not able to pin it down in words.  You have a presentation to make to your lecturer / boss and you want to be different and want to make a good impression and don’t want to bore the lecturer / boss to tears.

Just imagine you encountered all these and in a lost as to what to do.  Fret not, give us a chance to explain them in video form so that the idea / concept / process / product / business / etc. will be very engaging to the users or viewers and they will love you for it!