Is Your Business on Facebook Marketing Yet? Happy Birthday Facebook! You’re 10!

Is your business on Facebook Marketing Platform?

Facebook recently celebrated its 10th year of incorporation.  It has growth from a tool to connect between friends into a social media powerhouse with about 1.2 billion users.  Businesses, celebrities, government officials, charitable organizations, social enterprises and many more have jumped onto Facebook, trying to leverage this platform to reach out to more consumers and to stay connected and engaged with them.  As the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind”.  In this era where we are constantly bombarded with information, to stay connected and engaged with your customers is of paramount importance!  It’s much more difficult to attract a new customer than to retain an old one.  Studies have shown that the most of us spend at least 30 minutes on social media and this lies the beauty of Facebook marketing.

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Happy Birthday Facebook! You Are 10 This Year!

For the majority of us, we will have a personal Facebook account to connect with our friends and it will be a good recap to present to you an infographic that track the development of Facebook, from ts humble beginning to the mammoth platform it is now.  And Facebook is growing from strength to strength and has great resources to help local businesses.

10 Years of Facebook – credit to The Drum for this infographic 

10 Years of Facebook

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