What You Not Know About Malware

Malware – What You Didn’t Know

About 32 percent of the world’s computers are infected by malware. The infographic shows the top ten countries in terms of the number of households with computers affected by these nuances. Topping the list is China, with just over 60 percent of households infected. Rounding up the top five are South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Honduras.

At the other end of the spectrum, the country least infected by malware is Sweden, with 25 percent of households infected. The second and third countries that belong to the top ten lowest number of malware infected households are Switzerland and Norway, respectively.

In the United States, just over thirty percent of households have malware in their computers. In addition, 24 million households in the country are experiencing heavy spam. Spam is flooding the internet with lots of duplicates of the same message, compelling users to read the message even if they don’t want to. Most of these messages are commercial ads for products that are questionable, including get-rich-quick schemes.

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Malware is not joking matter as there is a risk of the malware spreading and infecting other computers.  Please ensure that all your anti-virus and malware programs are up-to-date, not opening unknown attachments and downloading software from unknown sources.

As the adage goes: Better Be Safe Than Sorry!

Getting to know the infamous computer virus

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