How and What To Post for Facebook Marketing?

Content creation to drive engagement for Facebook marketing

Now that you have set up your Facebook Business Page, you will have to build great contents to engage your audience.

Before rushing to build contents, take a moment to determine what is / are your objectives of your Facebook Business Page.

–        Is it to build brand awareness?

–        Is it to educate prospective and existing customers?

–        Is it to drive Facebook users to your website?

–        Is it to generate more leads for your business?

–        Is it to drive more sales?

–        Is it to serve as a customer service platform?

–        Any other objectives?

Once you have decided on the objectives, you are ready to post some awesome contents.

Status update


You can write a post on the recent developments of your business on your Business Page timeline. For example, if you have a new product / service coming up; you can write a teaser that briefly describes the new product / service and these teaser posts can then lead up of the official launch of the new product / service.  You can also invite your fans to name a new product or provide their expectations / wish list for product development / improvement.

If you have new employees joining your company, you can also post an update on Facebook – your fans like to see the humanize nature of your business and this will definitely provide more connection.

Facebook is all about engagement and with the continuous tweaking of Edgerank (an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed on the News Feed), the more engaged your fans are with your Business Page, the more frequent they will see your posts. This is vitally crucial for Facebook marketing.


Your business would have troves and troves of pictures and images (e.g. opening ceremony, company gatherings, company events, employees’ birthdays, new products / services, etc.).  You can generate these photos / images onto Facebook either individually or creating an album.  We, human beings, are visual animals and our brains are naturally attracted to images / visuals. So, don’t be shy. For better Facebook marketing, share your pictures / photos with your fans, they will appreciate it.

And if you have not been taking pictures of your business, not to worry, there are many websites that offer nice photos whereby you can then incorporate your comments, through the use of some photo editing software, onto them for posting on your Facebook Business Page.

Shutterstock ( – paid service

Dreamstime ( – paid service

Photodune ( – paid service

Fotolia ( – paid service

Stock Free Images ( – free and paid service

Public Domain Photos ( – free

Free Foto ( – free

Big Foto ( – free

Wikimedia Commons ( – free

Google Images ( – need to be aware of the licensing agreements for each photos

You can also create some meme to engage your fans. There are websites available that could do the job and most of the time, for free. Just like the meme below, it’s created using Meme Generator (


Or using Imgflip (

All about engagement

Do a search of ‘meme generator’ in Google, Yahoo, Baidu or other search engines and you will be pleasantly surprised that there are many other meme generators available. Try them out and share your findings.


If you have taken videos of your business (e.g. new outlet opening, company events, customers / suppliers meetings, etc.) or better yet, you have done a video marketing of your business, you can upload these to your Facebook Business Page.

If you don’t have any videos, not to worry, you can try your luck over at YouTube (the 2nd social media platform after Facebook) by searching for videos posted by others which are relevant to your business, industry, products, services, interests, etc.

How to embed a youtube video to Facebook

Or you can search for relevant videos on Vimeo (

Events and Milestones

Similar to status updates, if you have a significant business milestone or organizing an important event, you can share this with your fans and audience by posting under the ‘Event, Milestone’ tab. Doing this will ensure that this post will be more prominent in your Business Page Timeline.

Please feel free to explore all posting options in Facebook. There is nothing to lose as you can always delete your post if it did not meet your expectation / requirement.


So, after setting up your Facebook Business Page, you are ready to rock & roll, post contents to spice up your Page and do some serious Facebook marketing. With some creativity and ingenuity, you will definitely be able to come up with great and interesting content to engage your fans and audience, providing them with snippets of useful information about your business, products and / or services and people.

One note of caution: when using images taken / produced by others, be careful of any copyright infringements.  You do not want to receive a nasty legal letter sometime down the road, demanding compensation and / or a takedown.

As Facebook is all about interaction and engagement, when posting contents, don’t just think of selling – think more in terms of engagement and interactions.  Selling, either directly or indirectly, should only make up about 20% of your postings.

With the awesome contents created, you are now ready to publish your Page and attract your fans! We will discuss this in the next article.

Need any assistance with your Facebook Business Page, please do not hesitate to contact us!

To your Facebook marketing success! Have fun and lots of engagement!!!


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