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How To Publish and Promote Your Business Page For Facebook Marketing

Publish your Business Page for Facebook marketing purposes Now, with awesome contents, you are ready to publish your Facebook Business Page for the world to see. Log into Facebook, click on ‘Edit Page’, then click on ‘Edit Settings’ and under ‘Page Visibility’, uncheck ‘Unpublish Page’. Promote your Business Page for Facebook marketing purposes After publishing […]

How To Set Up Your Business Page In 7 Easy Steps For Facebook Marketing

Ready To Jump Onto Facebook Marketing? Follow these 7 easy steps to setting up your very own Facebook Business Page If you need any help, please feel free to contact us! Step 1: Go to www.facebook.com/pages/create Alternatively, you can go to Facebook home page: www.facebook.com Or after logging into your personal Facebook account, create a […]

Is Your Business on Facebook Marketing Yet? Happy Birthday Facebook! You’re 10!

Is your business on Facebook Marketing Platform? Facebook recently celebrated its 10th year of incorporation.  It has growth from a tool to connect between friends into a social media powerhouse with about 1.2 billion users.  Businesses, celebrities, government officials, charitable organizations, social enterprises and many more have jumped onto Facebook, trying to leverage this platform […]